Our brand and our position in the market has been hugely enhanced. It's taken us to the next tier.

Michael Thirkettle

CEO, McBains

Rebranding will cost you time and money, so you need a very good reason to do it. But done right, we’ve proved it can more than pay for itself. Here are three triggers we’ve helped clients respond to.

A change of leadership and vision

You can use a new brand to signal a change to your customers and colleagues, and get them excited about your new direction.

Here’s how our rebranding helped The Story Museum to smash their targets

To get your mojo back

Lots of businesses lose their way. A rebrand can help people rediscover what makes their business special, and give them their confidence back.

Here’s how rebranding Rank Prize helped them to reach more people.

To become relevant again

If what your customers want has changed, you need to change too. A rebrand helps people look honestly at what to do differently, and how to communicate what’s changed to the outside world.

Here’s how our rebranding Max Fordham’s helped drive their business.

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