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I love our new branding. It's allowed us to make an instant impact and reach audiences all over the world.

Vikas Pota


Individual teachers are often celebrated but what about whole schools? Working as a team, schools can achieve great things for their pupils and for society. This is the premise for the inaugural World’s Best School Prizes, launched in 2021.

Our approach to creating this new brand was to focus on the ripple effect a strong school can have on society. Not only for the pupils going out into the world but also sharing the school’s success stories so other schools can learn and improve. We celebrated the pupils’ learning journey through typographic pathways.

Unusually amongst prizes, there are five winners instead of just one, with the prizes aligned to the UN sustainability goals.

We wanted the new branding to be bold and to stand clear from other education prizes and the impact has been instant. Vikas Pota, founder, says “When schools thrive, the impact they make ripples out into society – making whole communities stronger.”

Our branding celebrates this idea, rippling out across the world.




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