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Lincoln's Inn. 300+ years. Future focus.

This is about having a renewed confidence in who we are as Hunters. The rebrand and website is a solid investment in our business.

Henry Hood

Senior Partner

Hunters is a law firm founded in 1715. And for over 300 years they’ve been based in Lincoln’s Inn, the heart of legal London.

Our brief was simple: make Hunters modern and relevant to a new generation of high net worth individuals whilst retaining the stature that comes with being a 300 year old law firm.

We started with defining their core story: who they are, why they’re different and why people would want Hunters to represent them or why people would want to work there.

Their story is summed up by how they work with their clients: ‘With confidence, with consideration, with care.’ We made these the design principles for the identity and website – all designed with elegance and serenity.

The rebrand and website has been extremely well received by clients and by employees. And one rival law firm has described it as ‘design to die on the hill for’.





Hunters law logo in green

The Hunters logotype is a modern interpretation of the classic serif font Caslon. Caslon was first published in the early 1700s and the logotype is based on its proportions and characteristics.


Hunters law symbol H 1715 in green

For a firm with such a long history there wasn’t an old identity to resurrect from their archives. So we’ve created a new tradition with the H 1715 symbol. Designed to be timeless, the symbol is an interplay between a capital H and 1715, the year Hunters started. Some people will see the H first and some people see 1715. And some see both, which is fine.



We designed and built the website to be ‘search first’ making it easy for people to find the person, service, insight or news item they’re looking for.




Inspired by their Lincoln’s Inn location (for over 300 years), the Hunters diamond pattern adds sophistication, dynamism and distinctiveness to their brand.








Hunters brand identity development colour guidelines

We’ve restored the much-loved Hunters green and given it a fresh modern flavour. And as part of the brand guidelines we’ve introduced joyful and sophisticated secondary colours.


The wayfinding icons are based on the H 1715 symbol design.

Hunters rebrand signage icons



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