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I am delighted with this fantastic design by DC&CO: a powerful contemporary design which is perfect.

Carol Ann Duffy

Poet Laureate

The Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry was created by Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy and the Poetry Society. It’s an award for bold and innovative use of poetry, whether it’s in a blog, a play or a printed collection. To reflect this boldness we used the crow image, by American artist Leonard Baskin, from Ted Hughes’ breakthrough collection of the same name. As a result of this work we were commissioned to create the identity for the internationally revered ‘National Poetry Competition’.


Poetry Society Poetry Society Poetry Society Poetry Society

“David Carroll & Co’s idea was absolutely inspired: the design clearly suggests permission to innovate and that poetry can be a noisy and mischievous artform that ruffles feathers.”
Judith Palmer, Director, Poetry Society

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