Birling Estate

Rebranding / Sustainability

Having this identity by DC&CO has boosted my confidence and vision in the Birling Estate project. The process has also helped to structure my thoughts about the brand – what impression do I want to create, what do I want to say, how should that be shown. The brand helps to give all that focus and direction through its personality, helping to shape the tone of voice, language and message. It almost has a nurturing role – it becomes a constant reminder of what we want to achieve as a business.

Guy Nevill

Owner, Birling Estate

Since 1435, Birling Estate has been in the Nevill family with lineage to the Earl of Abergavenny. With 1800 acres of the North Downs in Kent, the environmental issues are key to the sustainability and viability of the Estate. Drawing on the heritage of the Nevill family bull we created a new modern logo crest. New enterprises such as a vineyard, ancient gardens and an adventure campsite are being developed and the brand architecture enables the characteristics of each to shine through.

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