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David Frise


50% of mergers fail. So when you’re buying and selling companies, vision and culture become business-critical. That’s where having a clear brand can help. It gives people something to rally round, and expresses the spirit you’re trying to create. We’ve helped businesses at every stage of the journey.

Getting investor-ready.

We’ll help shape your story and portfolio to emphasise the most attractive, profitable areas.

Here’s how we helped AMT-Sybex shape their portfolio.

Selling businesses.

If your business or division is being sold, things may need to change quickly: a new vision, a new name, a new identity. We’ll help you make an impact, fast.

Here’s how we helped Lafarge Plasterboard become Siniat.

Acquiring businesses.

You want people in newly acquired businesses to buy into your vision. The right brand will help you explain who you are, and what you believe in.

Here’s how we brought Kennedys’ personality to life to drive their M&A growth.


You’ll have big questions to answer: what’s the name? What’s the vision? What’s the culture? We build brands that provide compelling answers.

Here’s how we helped AISFPDC become FIS.

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