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The new identity has reinvigorated us and focused us on our competitive advantage.

Henry Luker

Senior Partner, Max Fordham

We’ve identified five principles that great brands need to follow.

1. Make yourself clear.

Businesses with a clear sense of purpose are more successful. So people need to get what you do, why you do it, what you’re like, what’s different about you – and why they should care.

Here’s how we helped Capsticks communicate their purpose.


2. Make friends. / Make an impression.

People buy from people – and brands – they like, even B2B. And they make decisions emotionally as much as rationally. So use your brand identity to get them feeling the right thing.

Here’s how we brought Kennedys’ personality to life.


3. Make the most of your strengths.

You can use brand architecture and naming to put the spotlight on your key products and services.

Here’s how we helped AMT-Sybex shape their portfolio.


4. Make it real.

Brand strategy shouldn’t just be slides in a presentation. Customers should feel it coming through in everything you do, and feel that it makes a difference to them, too.

Here’s how Max Fordham’s new brand helped drive their business.


5. Make a movement.

You need to turn your customers, colleagues and stakeholders into champions.

Here’s how we helped World’s Best School Prizes create a global movement.


Our Approach was defined by our principal, David Carroll.

About David Carroll

David is a highly experienced international creative director and brand thinker. A former Associate Director of Interbrand, and designer at Faber & Faber and McCann Erickson, he’s created global brands for people like Rothschild, STA Travel and solicitors Kennedys. David was awarded a post-graduate scholarship to the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and has a lifelong love of Polish political and cultural posters.

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