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Gypsum. New beginnings. Burst.

I love our new brand. It inspires me. It reflects our strengths and ambitions and the pioneering spirit within our business.

Bernard Lekien

CEO, Siniat

Siniat is the new name for Lafarge Plasterboard. Now part of the Etex Group, the business needed a new brand name, brand identity and brand positioning. Working with Benubi we created a bold and exciting new global brand which will make a real impact in the marketplace and has already made a huge difference to confidence within the business. Comprehensive brand guidelines, brand animations and brand launch kits and templates were successfully delivered against uncompromising timescales.

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Rebranding, brand strategy development, brand positioning, company logo, visual identity, website design, company brochure design, brand launch, typography, signage and wayfinding, tone of voice

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