Saudi Red Crescent

New brand

The new name and branding positions us as a modern organisation that people can trust.

CEO, Saudi Red Crescent

Saudi Red Crescent are responsible for the Saudi National Ambulance Emergency Service and created a new Air Ambulance service by investing in 30 new helicopters, plus an Airbus for international relief work. Working with Action Impact in Dubai, we created a world-class brand for the fledgling air ambulance service, defining the brand vision as ‘Safeguarding futures’ expressed by the strapline ‘We strive to save’.  We created brand logos, brand naming, brand architecture, liveries, uniforms, advertising, training films as well as branded helipads and internal brand communications. A central element of the brand is the Spiral of Life supergraphic which embodies the dynamism of their expanding service.

What we did

New brand, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand name, company logo, brand identity, corporate brochure design, arabic typography, illustration, infographics, tone of voice, website design, uniforms, helicopter branding, emergency services livery

Saudi Red Crescent Saudi Red Crescent Saudi Red Crescent Saudi Red Crescent Saudi Red Crescent Saudi Red Crescent

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