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Creatively inspiring and a pleasure to work with, David Carroll & Co crafted a powerful and differentiated brand identity that’s in tune with both the spirit and ambitions of our business.

Roger Perowne

CEO, Morar HPI

For over ten years Morar has used research and analysis to strengthen brands. It’s a process they describe as a leap of insight, and one we’ve captured in our brand identity for the firm.

Following their acquisition by the Next15 Group, and after a period of rapid growth through acquisitions of their own, Morar wanted to signal change to the market and for their brand perception to better reflect the breadth of their services. They are now a bolder, more confident organisation unified under one new brand.

Movement is hinted at in cuts to the letterform, which force the eye to take a leap. It’s there in the pattern, which is inspired by the data that drives the business and nods to the many Scottish links within the business. While different crops of the pattern and colour combinations allow individual expression within the brand and across media.

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