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David Frise

Chief Executive

Following the merger of trade associations AIS & FPDC we created a new brand. Starting with the fundamentals: a new brand strategy, a new brand name and a new brand identity, taking them beyond a traditional trade association to represent the whole sector with a bold, three-dimensional logo. The brand is both a mark of quality and one strong voice for the sector. ‘We’re extremely proud of our new branding by David Carroll & Co: it’s bold, modern and perfectly fits our new vision to be the driving force in the construction industry,’ says David Frise, Chief Executive of the newly named FIS – the Finishes and Interiors Sector.

What we did

Rebranding, brand strategy development, brand positioning, brand architecture, company logo, visual identity, website design, corporate brochure design, magazine design, typography, corporate video, signage and wayfinding, tone of voice, sub-brands

Finishes & Interiors Sector FIS rebrand logo – David Carroll & Co

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