Brilliant Series | Rebrand

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Brilliant is one of Pearson’s most iconic and successful brands. To keep the brand relevant in the global marketplace, the publisher’s wanted to refresh the design and to include longer, more engaging book titles. With a brief of ‘don’t touch the logo’ we proceeded to do just that.

Brilliant is an established and well-repsected brand. We believed it was so well-established we could play with it to respond to the brief of ‘make the logo bigger’ and ‘make the book title bigger’. The Brilliant logo, now split in two, covers two-thirds of the book with the remaining third for the colour band housing the long titles. The letterforms have been crafted and adjusted for maximum impact.


“With a brief to breath new life and vitality into an established and successful series brand, David Carroll & Co really delivered. The, vibrant, attractive and contemporary new design successfully retained the spirit and identity of the existing series, brought it’s visual identity and impact bang up to date and helped widen its appeal to a whole new audience. The new design has been received with excitement and enthusiasm by trade customers, authors and readers old and new.”
Steve Temblett, Publisher, Business & Technology Learning, Pearson UK


Brilliant_Adjust_01_750px Brilliant_Adjust_02_750px Brilliant_Adjust_03_750px Brilliant_Adjust_04_750px Brilliant_Adjust_05_750px Brilliant_Adjust_06_750px Brilliant_Adjust_07_750px


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