Dark Angels Press | New brand

Angels. Artists. East End.

Dark Angels Press is a new publisher of limited edition books. Founded by John and Linda Simmons with David Carroll, the aim of the press is to create beautifully crafted, premium and highly collectable books with brilliant collaborations with artists, designers and printers. The new brand logo is an angel’s wing formed from a lowercase d and a. The first book, The Angel of the Stories, is a novella by John Simmons with illustrations by artist Anita Klein. Our design focuses on the details which elevate the book to a higher level including gold keylines, gold bookmarks with all the illustration plates printed separately and hand-inserted – all expertly printed by Gavin Martin in London’s East End. Love, care and attention have been poured into the making of the book to fully justify the story.



The most beautiful book as an object I’ve held in my hand for many a long year. Wonderful work.
Martin Lee, former Marketing Director, Waterstone’s and co-founder of Acacia Avenue

“Many congratulations, not just on a beautifully written and beautifully designed publication but also on the creation of your new press.”
Sir John Sorrell

“Finished the book last night and from the look of it to the feel of it to the way it smells and perhaps most of all, the joy of the narrative itself, it’s a thing of exceptional beauty and an absolute triumph.”
Rob Williams, TV scriptwriter, previously Creative Director, Penguin